Fundraising Imperatives

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Learn more about the four Rosenstiel pillars

Driving our commitment and campaign fundraising are our four imperatives: saving lives, feeding the world, protecting our resources, and unlocking ocean secrets. These imperatives—or pillars—are supported by common platforms for research, teaching, and outreach, as well as by the endowed professorships and scholarships that are our most potent tools for recruiting and retaining world-class academic talent. Learn more below about how donations made to each respective fund can impact the Rosenstiel School. 

Saving Lives

To accelerate applied research by faculty and students on the complex air, sea, and land interactions that spawn hurricanes and other devastating weather events, with the goal to provide enhanced forecast accuracy and timeliness to prepare and protect life and property.
Give to the Saving Lives Fund

Feeding the World

To support faculty and student research related to the mission of feeding the world through advancements in aquaculture and fisheries.
Give to the Feeding the World Fund

Protecting Our Resources

To support faculty, students, and their research efforts in marine conservation that will accelerate our understanding of our natural resources and their sustainable exploitation.
Give to the Protecting Our Resources Fund

Unlocking Ocean Secrets 

To support faculty, students and their research efforts to advance discoveries from the Ocean that could translate into new applications in medicine, climate, and weather, among others.
Give to the Unlocking Ocean Secrets Fund